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“Each child is a different flower and will need different support and growth and I try to do whatever I can to support and ensure they get the full dance experience.”
Michelle, Principal.

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1, 2 Step Dance Academy

We have been teaching children and young adults to dance for 15 years, we have RAD, ISTD, UKA and Acrobatic Arts accreditation.

All teachers and guest teachers are DBS checked and have regular Safeguarding and Child Protection training, First Aid and Mental Health First Aid training allowing your child to explore dance in a safe environment.

1, 2 Step Dance Academy

Dance classes for 18-months to 18-years

One Two Step Dance Academy offers a variety of dance styles, each of our dance classes explores an amalgamation of dance techniques. This means One Two Step Dance students each get the opportunity to explore different techniques in one lesson rather than having separate class times for each dance technique.

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Our Classes

Based on age, students could be covering two to three dance styles in a single session.

Our sessions are arranged so that students learn the varying disciplines and techniques in a fun format, exploring free work alongside set syllabus work with the lesson time shared across the dance styles.

Every child, whatever their ability or previous dance experience will be welcomed; and encouraged to flourish, as a developing individual, whilst also experiencing the exciting world of dance.

Thursday & Friday
Thursday & Friday
Thursday & Friday
Thursday & Friday
Thursday & Friday
Thursday & Friday

Friendship & Unity

Friendship and Unity – 1, 2 Step Dance Academy prides ourselves in our ‘dance family’ and each friendship made at dance has a unique and special bond, friends that are dance friends are friends for life!


My daughter has attended 1,2,Step Dance Academy for many years and there are so many aspects of this dance class that make it special; the shows are amazing, the costumes and choreography make them an occasion far beyond the usual kids class experience. But most of all, I love the fact that Michelle is so inclusive and non-judgemental, she understands that the children have different abilities and "priorities, but remains totally professional and committed to maintaining the highest standards whilst keeping the classes fun


“I love coming to dance every week with the main reason being to see my friends and most importantly Michelle. She always has a smile on her face and makes sure we have a really good dance lesson with fun things planned every week, with a good sporty warm up and lots of laughter along the way. We also do amazing show dances with the most stunning costumes which i have the luxury to wear and perform in on a stage. I’ve been at this dance school since I was 4 so just over 12 years now and I’ve loved every second of it .... from the actual dancing to the lovely atmosphere. I look forward to my Friday lesson every week and would carry on forever if I could!”


“My two daughters (now teenagers) have attended 1, 2 Step Dance Academy since they started school and have always loved dancing with Michelle. Michelle is an excellent teacher and she loves sharing her passion with dancers of all ages. At 1, 2 Step Dance Academy there is a great balance between the understanding of the complex world of dance and the ability to enjoy and express yourself through dance. The shows Michelle puts on are magical for all the dancers, and a joy to be part of as a dancer and as a parent. Michelle’s teaching style is very caring and all about the experience she brings to each individual child. I myself have attended Michelle’s adult tap classes where we have been able to explore the intricate world of tap dancing whilst having fun and exercise amongst friends. I would highly recommend 1, 2 Step Dance academy for anyone wanting to introduce their child to the world of dance in a nurturing, kind and loving way.”


“From my first class at 1, 2 Step Dance I loved it to pieces! As my first year was a show year, the opportunity to learn and perform made me realise how much I loved dance. Michelle is always smiling, always really encouraging and is the best teacher I could ask for.”


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